Daily Grind & Market Storefront. Illuminated cabinet on a custom painted "coffee ring" background with various window decals. I also designed the logo and a menu board on the inside of the coffee shop. 
Ike and Wally's Casino and Lounge. New signage proposal on existing front. There was a lot of photoshopping required.
Court Street Tap. Previous building front, operating under the name Court Street Tavern, is shown in bottom left. The client initially wanted an illuminated cabinet but we convinced them to paint the front of the building and take a more fitting approach to the signage. This sign is currently in production. The main sign consists of an alumacore panel jigged to shape and mounted to another piece of alumacore for the back piece. The graphics were printed and laminated in house and then applied to the alumacore.
Rebos. Custom sign designed for restaurants location on historic 4th street in Sioux City. Double sided polymetal sign with vinyl decoration mounted to a steel, custom bracket.
Lewis and Clark Park- Home of the Explorers. Sketch proposal of the entrance sign at the Sioux City Explorers ballpark. Digital prints w/ laminate applied to alumacore and mounted to existing structure on site.
Marina Inn. The design was a collaboration between the creative team at Avery Brothers. I prepped the artwork, produced the graphics and alongside the "vinyl master" Jeff Roder wrapped this damn thing.
Morningside College - Assessment and Institutional Research Dept. The client initially wanted "because we care about student learning" and the Morningside logo on the wall but was totally on board for going this route once they saw the sketch. We added the name across the band so that they could take down the ugly name plate and now they have something all the other departments along the hallway are jealous of.
Room 32 Wall Mounted Sign. Brushed aluminum letters of different depths to play off the elegant lighting of the room.
Sgt. Bluff-Lewton High School. There was ten in total for all of the different sports. Gave me a piece with a lot of text to put in my portfolio and made me remember how awful of an athlete I was in high school. 
Bev's on the River. Vinyl Graphics designed to be applied to glass in order to provide some decorative privacy for the guests in Room 32 from the people entering the restaurant.
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